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Dogggo Token
6 min readSep 26, 2022


$DOGGGO is the funniest token since 2021. We are grateful to those who contributed to the growth of the project and also to those who dumped all. We are working to give the deformed dog the best features to become a legend. Dogggo needs love and we believe the world needs Dogggo.


The world was waiting for this

Dogggo official logo, 12 May 2021 — Mouse on Paint

Dogggo was drawn without trying too hard. The result is a badly drawn dog with an incorrect, whatever name that, unlike the most famous cryptodogs, is ugly, poor and mongrel. Don’t you feel like loving it?

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Laughing is our mission

Random masterpieces from the community

Everyone is welcome. It doesn’t matter if you draw like a dog, don’t be shy and don’t try too hard: the worse you draw, the funnier it is. Woof Woof!

Dogggo GIF maker

An easy tool for aspiring artists will be implemented to create Dogggo-themed GIFs using Dogggo stickers and templates.

Dogggo Instagram filters

Dogggo-style filters will be available on Instagram for selfie lovers who can overlay Dogggo’s traits on their face.

Community Contests

10% of the total $DOGGGO supply will be allocated to award community contests that will be launched over time to boost Dogggo engagement and promotion.

Viral trend

Dogggo has lots of growing media content, currently 1500+ Dogggo-themed memes, gifs, videos, songs made by the community. With this content, the Dogggo community can easily carry out coordinated guerrilla actions, such as social media raids with explosive effects. See for yourself!

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We’re in it for the technology

After much growls, Dogggo gets a well-done contract

$DOGGGO will be the utility token of the Dogggo ecosystem.

New $DOGGGO contract on Ethereum

The current $DOGGGO token will be migrated from the Binance Smart Chain to the Ethereum network through a fork of an audited contract, certified as fully-safe by Solidity.

New tokenomics

The total $DOGGGO supply will be reduced from 100 Trillion to 100 Million, to improve the usability of the token and ensure a better understanding of the price. A 3% Buy/Sell Tax will support liquidity pool, marketing & development and reward holders. Transfers will be tax-free.


The migration will be announced 10 days in advance through the Dogggo channels. The new token will be airdropped to the current $DOGGGO holders with a ratio of 1:1000000, keeping the relative value.

New $DOGGGO distribution

Total Supply: 100,000,000 DOGGGO
70% Circulating
10% Main Wallet (Bridges, Cexs etc.)
10% Contests, Airdrops
10% Dogggo Temporary Farms

3% Buy/Sell Tax allocation

Phase 1 — Dogggo Growth:
2% → LPs (Uniswap V2)
1% → Marketing & Dev

Phase 2 — Holders Party:
1% → LPs (Uniswap V3)
1% → Dogggo Dynamic Staking
1% → FUD NFTs Rewards


Art is our passion

Purely indicative images, 100% real ugliness

The F*cking Ugly Dogggos are a collection of 1000 Dogggo-style NFTs. They count 100+ different attributes made by clippings found lying around. The collection minting took place in May 2022 and sold out in about two hours.

Collection reminting

The collection was minted on ImmutableX with the prospect of reaching large markets with minimal fees. To date, ImmutableX has not fulfilled its promise to reach Opensea, moreover, the new set-up of the Dogggo ecosystem includes direct interactions between $DOGGGO and FUD NFTs, so the collection will be reminted on Ethereum with the new features.

Ecosystem contribution

Trading of FUD NFTs will be subject to payment of 5% royalties, which will be fully allocated to reward $DOGGGO holders through the Dogggo Dynamic Staking described below.

F*cking rewards

By holding FUD NFTs, you own a piece of Dogggo’s history and you will enjoy a passive income from 1% of $DOGGGO DEX’s volume (from the 3% $DOGGGO Buy/Sell Tax).

Rewards for each FUD NFT

FUD NFTs (reminted) specs:

Total Supply: 1000 NFTs
Rewards: 1% of $DOGGGO DEX volume
Royalties: 5% → Dogggo Dynamic Staking

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Welcome to Dogggo Finance

On the left, a random currency. On the right, $DOGGGO

Are you planning to hold $DOGGGO? Do you really love the deformed dog?
Here you can stake your $DOGGGO to earn more $DOGGGO. Wooof!

Dogggo Temporary Staking

10% of $DOGGGO total supply will be allocated to several temporary farms with attractive APRs, that will be activated over time, while funds last.

Dogggo Dynamic Staking

The Dynamic Staking will be fueled by royalties from FUD NFTs trading and by 1% of $DOGGGO DEX volume (from the 3% $DOGGGO Buy/Sell Tax). Being based on trades in the ecosystem, it will be a permanent service that will provide a higher APR as the trading volume of $DOGGGO and FUD NFTs increases.

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Spreading the legend

This animation is just intended to create expectations

Look at Dogggo. Isn’t he meant to be collected and accessorized to play with? It’s so ugly and cute!

Play-to-earn game

Dogggo will star in a NFTs based game in which you can collect items, trade them with other players and compete to win $DOGGGO prizes.

Powered by $DOGGGO

No other tokens, $DOGGGO will be the utility token within the game. The game’s economy will be designed according to the use of $DOGGGO and to support the growth of the ecosystem.

Mobile app

The game will be downloadable from the Playstore and Appstore and will focus on immediacy and usability to engage the general public as well, bringing it closer to Dogggo and crypto simply having fun and without needing to know them.


A matter of style

Who said that an ugly dog can’t be classy?

Dogggo-Style Shop

The Dogggo-Style Shop will offer you the opportunity to own Dogggo-branded products to be cool in the world and live life in Dogggo-style.

Top quality design

Dogggo style is unique and intended for a sophisticated public. There will be the best in terms of details, choice of materials, finishing, packaging and customer service.

Built for $DOGGGO

The Dogggo-Style Shop aims to spread and increase the value of the Dogggo brand and support the growth of the ecosystem.



The new $DOGGGO contract is designed to meet the access requirements of any centralised exchange.

As soon as the goals of liquidity and trading volumes are achieved, $DOGGGO will be listed on the best centralised exchanges.



Phase 1 — Dogggo Growth

✅ $DOGGGO launch on Ethereum
✅ Dogggo Website restyling
✅ Dogggo GIF Maker
Dogggo Instagram Filters
Dogggo Temporary Staking

Phase 2 — Holders Party

FUD NFTs reminting on Ethereum
FUD NFTs Rewards
Dogggo Dynamic Staking
$DOGGGO listing on CEXs

Phase 3 — Dogggo Legend

Dogggo-Style Shop
Dogggo Game’s NFTs minting event
Dogggo Game launch


Dogggo is a growing project that aims to entertain people and build a vibrant ecosystem around the $DOGGGO token.

Thank you for reading, see you on Dogggo social networks! Woof Woof!

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