Fucking Ugly Dogggos NFTs

Dogggo Token
4 min readDec 8, 2021

“Dogggo will bark in the NFT market!”. This is what we’ve always told ourselves. And here we are: we have designed the dogggest NFTs ever. We asked our artist for something weird. We ourselves had doubts about the result: “How can we ask a good designer to draw badly? It would be like asking an athlete to be uncoordinated. Maybe it would be better if we drew them?”. What we hadn’t considered is that an artist can interpret languages better than anyone else and translate them into works of art. When we saw the concepts, the first impression was: “Hahaha what the fuck is that? That’s way too much!”. But it only took a closer look to realise that our expectations had simply been exceeded. We were looking at a masterpiece of the terrible. Each of us would now like to frame one of those drawings in our living room.


We Are Simple Guys

“A Beeple sold for $69 million? Well, it’s a piece of art! A Cryptopunk sold for $11 million? Ok, they’re among the first NFTs made. That’s fair enough. 101 Bored Apes sold for $24 million? Well, they have become a status symbol. You can live with that”.

As it has happened with cryptocurrencies, NFTs have also generated means of value that were considered unrealistic until recently. Whether unique works or collections, on one hand they have brought technological innovation and artistic contents, on the other hand they are subject to several market logics, such as state of the art marketing, celebrities sponsorships, billionaire collectors shopping hauls. But at some point you’re going to get bored and pissed off with all the strikingly similar collections: monkeys, sharks, whales, rats, lions, bulls, bears, rabbits, puppets, fairies and damn! Wtf?

We wanted to affirm our attachment to life. We took Dogggo and put it into digital artworks. “Will it be successful?” “Of course. People will have an awakening of consciousness” “Really?” “No. But the Karma is on our side”.


The Key To Paradise

Problem: on BSC there are currently no noteworthy NFT marketplaces. The main marketplaces are on Ethereum, but, on there, network fees are currently prohibitive. Dream: I want to own and trade NFTs without paying fees. Solution: ImmutableX.

ImmutableX is Ethereum’s first layer 2 designed specifically for games and NFTs. It’s not a sidechain but a layer built on top of Ethereum. Unlike other scaling solutions such as Matic and xDai, it maintains the self-custody of the NFTs with the same level of security as main chain Ethereum. Beyond that, it guarantees up to 9000 instant transactions per second with 0 fees.

ImmutableX has already partnered with TikTok and VeVe (Disney and Marvel). Coinbase, which is one of the main ImmutableX investors, according to reliable sources, will build its own NFT marketplace using this protocol. Opensea will integrate ImmutableX in its marketplace in the Q1 of 2022.

Dogggo will mint its first NFT collection here, to allow Dogggo’s NFT holders to interact with them with 0 fees and to reach the world’s largest and most popular NFT marketplaces.


A $DOGGGO-to-mint event $DOGGGO per NFT. Total Supply: TBA.

On the drop day, the whole NFTs collection will be available for purchase, exclusively in $DOGGGO, on the dogggo.io website.

The $DOGGGO proceeds from the sale will be entirely used as a Dogggo development fund.

From the moment of purchase, any new owner of F.U.D. NFT will be able to hold or trade them on ImmutableX or Ethereum compatible marketplaces.

Shortly will be released the details about how and when you will be able to put your hands on them, so be sure to keep in touch and follow Dogggo channels!