A Crypto Story

Dogggo Token
3 min readNov 25, 2021

It was a May night in 2021. Some crypto friends were as usual on Telegram discussing their vaunted successful shorts on BTC and the rugpulls they had suffered in search of the best pump of the day. There were those who had lost several ETH in their attempts to change their lives in a few minutes, someone else had spent more fees on Uniswap than what they’d earn in six months on working. But among all the different experiences of each, there was a common denominator: everyone had sold Shiba at the beginning of February. No one had been able to believe that such a piece of crap would become one of the top coins in the market. No one could believe that anyone would really value something totally lacking in logical sense, not even a new dog breed! Not to mention all the subsequent copies that were multiplying on the cryptomarket. The regret was palpable, but in that moment the idea took form in their minds: “fuck! anyone can make this shit, let’s make our own shitcoin too!”.

The first ideas were copies of memecoins on the market, perhaps more elaborate, but still copies. Suddenly, the enlightenment: “Why don’t we take the piss out of memecoins? Let’s make a deliberately bad quality product and see if anyone buys it! “Look at this dog, it looks like it was drawed by a problematic child! Perfect hahahahah!!”. “let’s call it Doggo!”. “the Doggo’s domain has already been taken!”. “who gives a shit? Take it with GGG, Dogggo!”. “hahahahahah!!!”.

After a couple of hours, just enough time to make a contract on BSC with a random tool, to set up an ugly, cheap website and to put 1 BNB in liquidity, someone made the first buy on Pancakeswap. It was happening.


After initial unexpected success, the team’s lack of organization and sharing of vision quickly led the project into its decline. Subsequent attempts to enhance the pooled liquidity scarcity problem, by making a better performing contract, resulted in further failures, due to poor choices and lack of fellowship among the original team members. Some have abandoned the project believing it was dead, others have remained, continuing to search for solutions with the hope of raising the fortunes of a difficult but great love.

One evening in early November, when the renaissance plan was finally ready to go, the team decided to permanently remove the previously introduced trading taxes and sales limits, and just then, a series of unexpected purchases began. Who could it have been? Where was the catch? They were the Spanish.

A guy, finding one of Dogggo’s GIFs who knows where around the web, fell in love with it. Just a moment later he was talking to his friends at a well-known Spanish blog about that deformed dog and the potential he saw in it. Within a short time, the Dogggo’s Spanish-language group filled up with new members and a series of new purchases began, quickly bringing $DOGGGO to its former glory! In Spanish they call Dogggo “el perro de mierda” and it’s just perfect!!


As a member of the Dogggo team, I feel lucky to be part of this awesome community. We want to build a real ecosystem around Dogggo and bring his playful spirit among the people. We never stop meming and laughing here, isn’t that what a meme coin is all about?