A Degen Story

It was a May night in 2021. Some degen friends were as usual on Telegram discussing their vaunted successful shorts on BTC and the rugpulls they had suffered in search of the best pump of the day. There were those who had lost several ETH in their attempts to change…

Don’t fuck with Dogggo

Dogggo Token


$DOGGGO is a token on the Binance Smart Chain. It was born in May 2021 for fun, with the intent to troll the latest MemeCoins, especially the DogCoins, turning into the first ever TrollCoin with plenty of meme material that actually makes you laugh, and its now being pushed by…

We are pleased to announce the winners of the giveaway ended on 20/09/2021. The prizes will be distributed in the coming days.

🥇 1st (50 billion $DOGGGO): 0xeA718dF698A8622187A2920BE599396c93f76667

🥈 2nd (20 billion $DOGGGO): 0x11B9dd6d3129Eb740011b1A948aDCbCB67758a10

🥉 3rd (10 billion $DOGGGO): 0xEEb8453144aE0a219a783553273909F0DC9287A6

⭐️ Lucky Draw (26 billion $DOGGGO):

🏆 4th-200th (2…

Welcome back Dogggos!

As anticipated, Dogggo has been very busy managing the bear market, in this hostile scenario he found a day job to earn a living, while at night he planned with his team all the necessary actions to complete the building of the rocket that will finally take him to the Moon, as he has always dreamed.

The good news is that the rocket has finally been completed and refuelled for the journey. The launch is imminent!

Dogggo is a token on Binance Smart Chain that wants to be part of the memecoins landscape, taking the concept to extremes.

Dogggo is born from the anger caused by the lack of recognition of coins with many years of development compared with others without fundamentals, in particular Shiba. Then…

Dogggo is an ugly, poor and bastard dog, born on the streets and used to feeding himself by rummaging through the garbage and begging for food from the homeless and passers-by he meets in the darkest alleys of the suburbs.

Ever since he was a puppy, he has wanted to be loved by the cryptocurrency community just like his more popular idols, in particular Doge and Shiba, but because of his rough, odd, scraggy appearance and precarious economic condition, he has always been ignored by both.

Dogggo’s evolution

Welcome back Dogggos!

The Dogggo Token Team has been hard at work during these early days of the project. The bear market slowed down our initial plans, but we still achieved the goals we set out for ourselves, the structuring of our brand identity, our presence on all the major…


We are pleased to announce the 5 lucky winners of the contest. Woof woof

Dogggo Token

woof woof

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